Whish there I were

27 May 2019

Whish there I were

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Wish that I were clever
I’d write you a rhyme
my love is forever
it won’t fade with time
but I lack the talent
as well as the skill
to say that I love you 
and I always will

I wish I was a poet
I’d write a poem
to convey my gratitude
for the love you’ve shown
but I lack the knowledge
and the facility
to express everything
that’s inside of me

wish there I were many things
that I might never be
wish I had a way with words
but I don’t unfortunately
or that I could paint a picture
of my love for you I wish oh so many things
that might not come true
like getting up the courage
just to say that I love you
I only hope I show it
because this much is true
I have never felt the way


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